I have to check value of a variable in XSLT if it is null then i have to set it to default "$"
so for that i have written following XSLT code:

<XSL:variable name dummy select= "ArrayOfBookMark/BookMark[ShortName='Asp-7041-EndVar1]/Value">
<XSL:when test="($dummy!='')">
<XSL:variable name="dummy1" select="$dummy"/>
<XSL:variable name="dummy1" select="'$'"/>

Here in Dummy i am copying the value comming from follwing XML.it is retriving value correctly in to dummy.
Condition also checking but the value assignment code for new variable "dummy1" is not happening.


please help...

Quick response will b appriciated.


<xsl:variable name="dummy" select= "/ArrayOfBookMark/BookMark[ShortName='Asp-7042-EndVar1']/Value" />
   <xsl:variable name="dummy1">
         <xsl:when test="$dummy != ''">$dummy</xsl:when>