hey all...
i m in 5th sem engg ....currently i hve undertaken a project under indian army which is like creating a database software for them.....frontend
is vb6 and sql....i need ur hlp in the search and view option.....
for the search option i need codes to search from the database using attributes like "search by name,search by army no,search by rank...etc"
for view option we need the name and adrress of the ppl should come in printable form....like on sticker paper (like how we put on invitation cards)....with proper spacing n format.......
also there is a display option which shows the database whether the entry has been feeded or not
i hope some1 can help me in this......urgently!:S
my emailid is manisha_v6@yahoo.com....:)

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Please stop using SMS code it makes your post hard to decipher...

First, create an access97 mdb or your sql database. Then use the data form wizard to create the base code for you.

Good Luck


yeah we have made all the forms and almost 80% of the project is complete ,as in insertion deletion and updation is done.....almost done with the search option too......i need ur help in printing option......
where in when we press press button Name and Address of the people should come in printable form which they directly want to print in sticker sheets and send the yearly magazines to them........i suggested dat we can make a new connection to microsoft excel (rather than mysql server) and show the data in tables over there......is it possible????
and if it is how cam we do it????

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