As seen in my previous post I had a problem with some code dealing with linking a template class, I emailed my professor and the g++ compiler cannot handle the seperate compilation of template classes. So now im stuck with no compiler, in labs we use the CC compiler with the command CC, I need a new compiler for linux I run fedora which is what I recently formatted too, help please!

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AFAIK there are no other FREE compilers for *nix.

>>in labs we use the CC compiler
I think that CC is just a generic name for *nix compilers. The real compiler could be almost anything.

Well is there another compiler I can use that is not gcc related? because the commands g++ and gcc when compiling a project yields the same errors. Which means it cant compile seperate class templates. So i need a new nix compiler I tried searching for intel c/c++ compiler on fedora (my OS) by yum search but nothing related turned up

Thanks for the input

Thanks anyway but I found the package by remotely logging in to the lab account.


I havent looked into but it doesnt sound free lol

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