Hello every body. i'm new here , and i didn't have the chance to introduce myself.i will,later...but for now:...i need help designing a mini C# compiler...i tried to find something practical to implement the symbol table using a hash table, but i found nothing really useful on the net...any ideas???
actually , i don't know how to construct a symbol table using the hash table. we only need to construct the following structures:
classes, namespaces , methods , field-members ,constructors and destructors... i'd really appreciate your help.THANX

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Thanx , ddanbe...but my problem is : Symbol table structure implemented in C++ using Hash table to b specific
thanx again

First learn lex , yacc , play with C compiler and then try something like this.

Lex and yacc are obsolete (because they use C); use something more like ANTLR... for parsing. But this is just in reply to ithelp's post, obviously it has nothing to do with your problem.

Nina 4 Ever, you should ask in the C++ forum (since you're talking about writing C++ code).

Rashakil Fol has a point here. This is about C++ code that has to write C# code.

Thank u guys...
i'm already using lex and yacc , but the data structure of the
symbol table is the real problem.i'll ask in the C++ forums.

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