Good morning, all!

I have a Java project that is complete, but it's not due for another week. I've been poking around trying to "spruce it up" a little with maybe a pull-down menu for one of the options.

The examples I've found online all deal with web development. Will that work in this instance? If not, does anyone have a good starting place where I can teach myself how to implement these? I'm using the NetBeans IDE if that makes any difference.

Thanks for much!

- Jim

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    Ezzaral 2,714   7 Years Ago

    I think you're talking about a combo box: [url]http://java.sun.com/docs/books/tutorial/uiswing/components/combobox.html[/url] Read More


Close but not quite -

I guess the best way I can describe it would be the drop-down menu like when you choose what credit card you will pay with on various websites. Something I can move around, and position myself in the code vs actually being stuck to the top.

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