it checks if the array needs more slots , if it does it adds 5 more slots to the original array while keeping the same content and order of the array

how could u do this in a method that returns true
and recieves add number to put in the array.?

public boolean add(int theNum)
return true


please help idont understand

You can't add slots to an array. It's impossible. You can create a new array with 5 more slots however, and copy in the contents. Although I hope an instructor didn't tell you to do this because it is a bad idea - instead, double the size of the array.

say the array has an index of 0
then wen a person wants to add a say .. 27 to the first slot u cant just update it and add a slot?
cuz that wat i need to do =/

Once you create an array, you cannot add more indexes to it. If you need a bigger array, you'd have to do what I said in my first post. Just go read about arrays on google.