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Look like cx-freeze has come out with a version for python 3.

Or just use python 2.x and python 3., there is no point just to use python 3.x for now.

I will not stay for python 2.x til most of the 3 party modules i use a lot is rewritten for python 2.x eksp:wxpython, p2exe.

I have python 2.5.4 - 2.6 and 3.1 installed,no problem switching between them.

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I can't find a compiler to compile version 3 Python scripts to .exe. All the compilers I see are all for Python 2.

Just a clarification:
The software you are talking about does not compile, but forms a packet of your compiled byte code, all the needed modules, and the Python interpreter. All this is wrapped into an executable file, or operated from an executable file.

As snippsat pointed out, only cx-freeze has come out with a version for Python 3.1 at this time.

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Now that I've downloaded it. I don't know how to use it. Any pointers on how to do it? A tutorial would be good.


If you installed cx_Freeze-4.1.win32-py3.1.msi on your windows machine, you can find examples of its use for instance in:

The site also has documentation that you can save as:

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Thanks, I've been able to get it working. Though it really bloats some of these small programs. The interpreter is the real kicker.


IMHO, the module py2exe is a bit more sophisticated. It can put everything into a single compressed exe file (3M - 6M), or create a small exe file (20k - 30k) and a larger zip file (5M). For the distribution of wxPython programs I use the exe and zip file combo, because the zip file can be shared with other wxPython exe files.

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