Hello geeks,

First of all thanks to the members of this forum for their active participation, contribution and willingness to help.

Now i'm in need of your valuable suggestions for my project in python.

1) I want to have GUI interface in my project and now i'm using python 3.1.1. When i googled around i found out that several tools like Qt, wxPython etc., supports python version upto 2.6 only. My ques. is if i want to develop GUI in "python 3.1.1" what are all the tools available? what would you recommend? "would it support python 3.1.1?If possible give me some links for tutorials for the same...

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PyQt support python 3.x

This post has many PyQt example.
There are also example of new function for Tkinter.

Tkinter version that comes with the Python 3.1 installation includes expansion module ttk.
Look at Vegaseat example in link over.

Just as a notice there no problem to have both python 2.x and python 3.x installed.
I use wxpython so i stay with python 2.x for now.
Have off course python 3.x installed to.

Please make your title a bit more specific the next time around.:)
If you are a beginner with GUI programming, stick with Tkinter to get used to the basics of how to set up a GUI, and then move to something with fancier widget as you need them. A lot of use know Tkinter by heart and can help. Some of us use PyQT routinely too.

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