The question is in the title. I am trying to make an image that includes this character...

*typo in title. It should say 'do', not 'to'.*

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its really simple just do this
you just have to use two backslashes, not one.

oh, wow..I feel dumb. Thanks for the comment.

Also, note that it is:

\a beep
\\ slash
\b backspace
\" speech mark
\f form feed
\t tab


whats a form feed?

Its exactly what it says on the tin... its a form feed...

Remember, C was made a long time ago. It uses standard UNIX I/O. There isnt anything to say that the primary output cant be , say, a teleprinter, instead of a video display. In that case, it tells it to start a new page.

On a conventional display it has the effect of (in some OSes) cleaing the screen.

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