Hey guys, i'm confused... wat's e diff btn LPD3DXMESH and ID3DXMesh? Including their uses and so forth... help me understand e diff. Ok, i'm learning Direct X 9. Thx in advance! :icon_smile:

ID3DXMesh is an interface for mesh objects. I believe this is done as a way to provide a common interface to the different types of mesh that you might wish to use in DirectX.

LPD3DXMESH is simply a pointer to an object that implements ID3DXMesh.

People on forums get this a lot, but if you're learning DirectX, I strongly recommend you get familiar with MSDN. For example, the question you've just raised is answered here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee421310(VS.85).aspx

Thx! appreciate it! :icon_smile:

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