I am making a game and decided to put in a bogus company animation thing, kinda like Blizzard does, but need to find a way to play the file that we made without going on in the code. ie it comes to the line to play the file (c:\evilsilver.avi) it will either play the file till the end of it and then go on with the code in the rest of the program, or if you hit say esc then it will go on too.

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if you dont want to make your internal player , this should be fairly simple. Use the basic code strategy of using an external player like Windows Media player when the code hits the desired line. e.g. in basic C I could do this with some thing like system("C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe abc.avi") . ofcourse windows API provide you with several API that let you launch a separate process. you can use those.

in c++ when i use the system line i play the movie in the new window and it continues with the code this maight make what i need a little more clear:

i want to do

1)do some code here
2)play the movie
3)wait till movie is over
4)continue with the code (but only after the video is over)

I would also perfer an internal player, but if i can get and external player to do this then i will settle with that.

then did u solve it ? let me know too plz

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