Hi everyone.
At the moment i am doing my thesis for my degree. The title is:
"Compare and contrast Oracle client/server technologies with oracle web technologies. Design a business application and depoy it in both. "
To compare the applications i am going to use java. I am going to time the cpu usage of both apps as a way of comparision and also time the length of certain tasks but i can't think of any other way to compare the 2 apps. Maybe some of you guys have some ideas or any comments about the overall project would also be welcome as i am considering using java/java servelets to build both applications.
Look forward to hearing from someone

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load/execution times of servelets?

i am going to compare the execution time of methods. the application i am designing is a flight reservation system so i am going to time for example how long it takes to search for a flight (time from button click until task is complete) on the web app and the client/server app and compare.

It all depends on what technologies you're using.
Will both apps call a common layer to access the database and retrieve/write information?
IOW, will all businesslogic be identical?

Because if you don't do that you will be really measuring the differences between different database access technologies and not the client technologies.

A web app IS a client/server application effectively, except the client is itself an application that massages and prepares the data for display to its own clients.

okay change of plan. i am going to develop the web application using oracle jdeveloper, and the client/server; i will design in oracle designer and then make the app using oracle forms. so the business logic will be different.
i understand that this will be comaring the data access but do you think that it would still come under the heading of:
compare and contrast oralce client/server technologies with web technologies?
and even if i do use the same business logic, what would be an effective way to compare these apps?

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