I am using C# in Visual Studio to modify an ASP web application.

The application is currently using SQL Server as it's database. SQL Server is way overkill for this application. We're talking 1 table, maybe 40 - 50 records, with maybe 2 add/modify/delete transactions a week.

I'd like to get the client off SQL Server, as they're paying a hosting company for it. Is there anything in the .NET arsenal that would allow me to do this simple db handling? (The hosting company does not support mySQL or Postgress)

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The one advantage SQL Server has over most other database forms is concurrency. Since you are running in a web app you may have a time where two people are trying to use the same database at once. You could very easily implement the solution danny linked to for your project but just be sure to lock the files appropriately when doing read/writes.

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