Hy everyone,

Thank you for taking your time to explaind me this, I very thankful for all of you.
I'm been searchin what kind of a Script is it - so foergive me if I'm at wrong post - but no luck.
Take a look at this 2 website examples at:
http://www.cmsmadesimple.org/ and second one:

First Image/Script Rollover at the right side of first website - in those 4 tabs that you can see!
Second link Script Rollover is more complicated and it is at the Left side located in Footer Area,

I would be so grateful if there is anyone who can explaind or Teach me how to make this happed.

On the othere saide some of another Forums Disacussions I had very unplazed experience, that is why please, if you don't know how, don't be rude.
Million Thanks!!!

That is done by DHTML. There are examples in the web. Just search using:
"html tabs menu"