hello every one
I need some help in image size normalization
i want all images to be almost the same size.. with no content distortion..i care too much to keep to keep the features of the image the same ..


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File size? Resolution? By distort I assume you mean scale? If you want to maintain the aspect ratio and not distort you could size it evenly but then you would have to crop images that "dont fit" your model of size.

You haven't provided nearly enough information to help you with this problem. Please upload ~5 sample images and the code you have so far and we can take a look!

sorry , i didn't realize that my description was not enough
since we use this expression "image normalization" in image processing field ..
"Size normalization is an important pre-processing
technique in character recognition"
and i thought it is clear..

I'm providing you now with two images for the same English letter "A"
I want the "A" in them to be the same size ..

i will supply you with my code as soon as possible

Image normalization isn't important in pre-processing images for OCR I would think. I do a lot of OCR / Barcode recognition code in scanned documents and we always take the original, unmodified image and perform any OCR on that. After that we step the quality down and PDF/Archive the documents.

From what I can tell one image is a bitmap and one image is a jpeg. They are both 139x127. One is 53kb and one is 2kb. You need to perform OCR on the letter "A" and scale the OCR'd region. Do you have code to detect the letter already? That would be the next step...

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