Hello everyone,
Im new to this forum and hope you all are doing well.

Im currently developing mods for half life 2 (basic changes to game play but more level design stuff) I want to improve my skills and learn everything that I possible can. I really like the programming aspect of games in general. Im also good at math :) I do however have minimum knowledge in programming C++. I jjust started and im 20 years old :( its too late? I have bought this book called beginning C++ through game programming (It basically teaches basic game development in console applications) I am passionate and will do any advice I get from experienced programmers to improve.

Im really interested in 3d game graphics and game engines :P Its what I like to work on in the future. However I do understand there is no way for that to happen if I dont start simple with loops, booleans etc. Im reading the book for now...
I can do 3d modelling as well...

But when I go through this book what ways are there for me to expand my knowledge with directx or opengl stuff (the cooler more game oriented stuff? will it be too early even then?
Any websites you suggest I should check out?
can you also be kind to give me plan I should work on ideally to get to what I want to do (create simple 3d game engines 3d games) Basic approach I mean.

I do appreciate any expert advice as I am new to this whole thing. Also do you suggest modding games or starting out simple all from nothing (from scratch)

This post is all over the place, like bad coding ;) lol Sorry for that
I hope I havent bothered or wasted anyone's time :)

take a look at Ogre3D :)

For 2D look at SDL engine. I don't have done Game programming, but M$ have their gaming engine. I think it is something to do with VS IDE

Thanks guys!!!
I will definitely check them out ;) I never though I would get any replies :) lol my message was long lol

thanks again :)

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