I have developed application in .net framework 3.5 WPF.
Well, you know WPF also requires .net framwork 3.5 SP1.

Now it's works fine on my computer.
But i need to ship it the client.

What will be the software requirements at the client side to run my application.

Is it possible that i just pack everything in a single exe file or a folder and client don't have to install anything else except to double click the exe file and start using it.

Well the problem occured when i developed the application in WPF and ship it to client but at client computer there was .net framework 3.5 installed along with .net framework 3.5 service pack one.
So i suggested him to install both of them and then he can use the application i developed.

Well, you understand that it's complicated for client to handle these technical issues and moreover .net framework 3.5 is large and along with it they also had to install .net framework 3.5 sp1.

Well, i don't think this is a best idea, there must be something else easier and more compact.


You should add a launch condition to your installer to test for versions of the .NET framework. I don't recommend adding in the framework in your installer but when you add a launch condition it will redirect them to the Microsoft website to download the necessary files. If you include the .NET framework installation media in your installer it will be huge and some clients may already have it installed. Beyond that you will have to maintain the most updated redistributable installers so they don't have updates to the .NET framework as soon as they install your product.

On your installer right click on the project and go to "View -- Launch Conditions". Add a launch condition:
Name: .NET Framework
Install URL: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=76617
Message: [VSDNETMSG]
Version: 3.5.30729

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