I'm new to .net. I'm finding difficulty in figuring out how to Import emails from external email servers using C# ... I want to access any external mail server to import email addresses from it ... Kindly Please guide me !!!

I will really appreciate your help ... Looking forward for your feedback

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Actually I have my own domain let say with vision.com ... I want to access all the emails from the inbox of abc@vision.com using C# ... I have done it for outlook but now I've to make it generalize so that it shouldn't be dependent on client program like OUTLOOk ??


So do you want to read the emails on abc[at]vision.com with IMAP, POP, MAPI, Native Exchange, OWA Exchange, or some other format? They all have different approaches in code...


I would prefer to use IMAP ... I'm looking at it but I think till now there is no Library for IMAP in C# ... So I may have to start from scratch :(

but please update me if you know any FREE WARE LIbrary for IMAP ???


Thanks Scott !! I've already gone through it !!! also I've solved my problem .... Thanks once again for your guidance !!!

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