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Can somebody show me an example how to embed SCPI and GPIB type commands in C sharp for instrument control? It is for controlling a spectrum analyzer through Ethernet interface.

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Hope it will help you...........:)

Thanks for the reply...But it will be helpful for me if i get an example showing instrument control using C sharp..
The above mentioned document is using Agilent VISA I/O for instrument control.




This thread has not been marked solved so let me offer a suggestion...

I have been writing VB6 code to use the NI VISA32.dll for a while and it is not that hard to talk SCPI to the newer instruments.

The older HP Instruments, like the 8902, 8903 and 3458A require a little more finese.

If you are willing to convert some VB6 code. I am willing to try to help.

Note: You *really* need to look at a VISA interface. Doing direct control of GPIB, USB, Serial, VXI, PXI, MXI or AXIe without that interface is going to be ridiculously difficult.

I haven't used them, yet. But, the IVI drivers look interesting.

But, for just poking the SCPI out to an Instrument, VISA is the way to go.

And, if you have any NI product I believe the NI VISA32 license is free in that case.

Mike Sr.

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