I'm newbie in Java please help.

1. Create an array with 20 elements.. I know this.
This one i don't know..
2. The program must ask the user to input an element to search for and prints a message:
"Found[search key]" then print the remaining data on the next line eliminating the searched element.
3. Otherwise, it prints: "[Search key] not found"
4. Below is a sample output you should acquire.

77 99 44 22 88 11 9 66 33
Found 66
77 99 44 22 88 11 9 66 33

what happened to that basic tutorial on Sun's website?
If it's still there it'd tell you everything you need to know.

We are not going o do your homework for you. If you provide what you already have, we help to point you in the right direction though. And, if you bother to post (or write) your code, don't forget to use code tags.

You will get help once you post your efforts. But what you are asking is just primary searching which is a very very basic concept. I don't think you will need anyone's help for this if you try it on your own.