I have orders.xml like the following

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
<order orderDate="1/1/2009" orderNo="1">
<customer id="nnghiem" name="nguyen nghiem"/>
<item id="item-1" price="25000" quantity="0"/>
<item id="item-2" price="22000" quantity="3"/>
<order orderDate="2/2/2009" orderNo="2">
<customer id="lp" name="lampard"/>
<item id="item-1" price="25000" quantity="2"/>
<item id="item-2" price="22000" quantity="8"/>
<order orderDate="3/3/2007" orderNo="3">
<customer id="nnghiem" name="nguyen nghiem"/>
<item id="item-1" price="25000" quantity="7"/>
<item id="item-2" price="22000" quantity="6"/>

I want to retrieve every order in '2009
I solved this problem by the following way:

String exp = "/orders/order[substring(@orderDate,string-length(@orderDate)-3)='2009']";
//... some code lines

I wonder is there any way to compare date in this situation like this:

String exp = "/orders/order[@orderDate<'31/12/2009' and @orderDate>'1/1/2009']";

// get all orders between 1/1/2009 and 31/12/2009 (in year 2009)

but this exp will not return the expected result

How to solve this problem?

Thanks for your attention!

XPath 1.0 only supports number comparison. XPath 2.0 understands the date type. With XPath 1.0 you need to do a string comparison. There is no other way.

thanks for your reply