GUIdancer 3.2, the latest version of flagship automated GUI testing tool from Bredex, now "officially" supports Windows 7 and Vista, and includes additional enhancements to its library of pre-built test actions. It began shipping on Nov. 3. Before you decide that US$5785 is too much to pay for an automated keyword testing tool (more if you're subject to Germany's voracious appropriation tax), take a look at these demos of the software in action. You can also try the software for two weeks for free. There are versions for Linux and Windows; a Mac OX S version is in beta.

According to the company, new actions in GUIdancer 3.2 improve support for testing GUI-embedded tables, context menus--such as those that pop up when something is right-clicked--and the tabbed panes common in Web applications. Also, UI elements can now be collected using mouse clicks whenever GUIdancer enters Object Mapping Mode, during which the tool detects and indicates objects that can be mapped (and automatically tested). It is also now possible to switch between databases while GUIdancer is running; the tool previously required a restart. Support for testing dynamic web-application components also has been added.

GUIdancer 3.2 now includes more than one hundred pre-defined test actions for testing Java or HTML applications simply by drag-and-drop. The approach requires no code and no knowledge of the coding or the inner workings of an application, the company says. "A variety of checks and synchronization actions are available alongside other flexible actions to automatically test applications through the GUI," it said in a news release (pdf).

GUI is a an innovative step and make the users happy but these automated tools make the GUI coding very simple. This new version GUIdancer 3.2 will make the programming more easy and can help the novice programmer a lot because it gives the facility of pick and drop and make the programming less error prone.

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