Hi Guys

I wonder if you can help me with this I have built an application that reads my forum and grades responses and things and adds them to a database,.

When the application is searching my forum the gui is hanging until the search is complete. The front page of my gui is a log of what is being searched and any results are being found but the system is loading the log after the search is complete instead of a real time display,.

Is there any way I can stop the hanging or anyway I could build a status bar or something ?

thanks in advance for you r help.

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See SwingWorker. Your problem is that you are performing your "action" on the Event Thread, rendering it incapable of responding to "user events".

wow thanks I had never even looked at threads before , need to have a good read about them thanks

If i have one thread to handle the gui and events and one to do the search would i put the search thread in a class of its own so it can implement thread ?

The "search" function would be performed in a Thread of its own, of course, but that does not, necessarily, mean that the "search" function need be a class in and of its own. You will need to create a Class extending SwingWorker (if you use that) that does nothing more than execute your "search" function, however you do not, necessarily, need to rewrite whatever classes/methods you already have that actually make up the "search" function. You probably need to study up a bit on threads in general, but for starters, like I said, see the SwingWorker class and tutorial.

thanks for this I have read up and got it now working the right way. I did put the search function in a class of its own but the whole thing runs better so thanks :-)

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