hi, i want to be able to draw two eyes with are exactly the same in radius and colour etc next to eachother. So when i open the window the pair of eyes are there in the centre. I have managed to get one eye but i dnt have a clue to how to get one beside it, i am not sure hw to.. here is my code for the first eye and function should be calling the drawCircle six times.
please help

from graphics import *
import math
def drawCircle(win, centre, radius, colour):
circle = Circle(centre, radius)

def drawTarget():
win = GraphWin()
centre = Point(100,100)
drawCircle(win, centre, 40, "white")
drawCircle(win, centre, 20, "blue")
drawCircle(win, centre, 10, "black")

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That isn't Java code. Perhaps you meant to post this in another forum?

yep.. sorry guys.. this is python.. sorry for wasting ur time...

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