For whatever reason, Python on OS X sets the default file directory to the "~/Documents/ " folder. It's a bit annoying because it makes my documents folder massively cluttered with python files as well as files from my computer.

I'd like to change it simply by adding a "Python" folder within the documents folder, and then changing line 8 in to : os.chdir(os.path.expanduser('~/Documents/Python/'))

However, I keep getting an "[Errno 13] Permission Denied: '/Applications/Python 2.6/' " whenever I attempt to save the file.

I'm logged in as Admin on my comp and I've tried changed the file in TextEdit with IDLE closed resulting in the same error..... Any ideas?

Also, if anyone knows how to get the two-finger scroll to work in Python that would be extremely appreciated as well.

I don't know OS X, but couldn't you run idle with the -s option and write a startup file, say containing os.chdir(os.path.expanduser('~/Documents/Python/')), and then set the IDLESTARTUP environment variable to ?