Hey all! I am interested in learning to use sockets. make client and server program. Where should I begin?


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I think I'll buy the book when I can but is winsock only avaible solutions to sockets for windows, it sounds very old, but is it used still?

Winsock is commonly used in reference to types of C++ networking applications
I recently find out that buying book is always better than reading online most of the time as a GOOD book will help you grasp the concept however here is a link to a fairly decent tutorial on making a client server application in C++ using winsock


Ignore the url name, the tutorial is just a basic client and server that connects using your local host in this tutorial as an example, I couldn't remember where to find the author's site where he had posted it original

Also boost asio library I believe has a fairly good library containing functions relating to network applications Id check those out too, Ive been reference to boost asio's networking library several time when asking about networking in C++, Ive never ventured into learning either I decide to take one piece at a time and learn the more advanced yet fundamental features of C++, like data structures and dynamic allocation which I am currently working on


This contains something good resources to beginners of socket programming with C++. There are some sample codes too.

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