Assume I have a file of the following format:
Here is my code:

def junk(f):
    d1 = {}
    d2 = {}
    for line in f:
        columns = line.split(",")
        letters = columns[0]
        numbers = columns[1]
        d1[letters] = numbers
        d2[numbers] = letters
    return (d1, d2)
def something():  
    print d1
    print d2
if __name__ == "__main__":
    f = open("filename.txt")
    d1 = junk(f)[0]
    d2 = junk(f)[1]

Assume I want to call function something. It cannot print d1 and d2 unless I add them to the main block. As soon as I add d1 and d2 to the "main" block and call either of the two functions, both return two empty dictionaries. Why does this happen? How can I fix it? Please help! I've been trying to figure it out the whole day!

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What is the load_airports function? Are you sure that it is returning something into your dictionaries?

Sorry, copied a part of the other program. I fixed it.

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