Hi guys.

I need help with this. I dont know where or how to start, and I dont have peers to help me.

I have .txt files that I need to read and sort, then write.

The text files are always in this format:
1 row containing column headers, then
rows containing information.

I have to read the file row by row, and sort it by the first column(this is an ID, but is not unique, as one "customer" can have multiple items registered to his name. after this i need to write a .txt file for every single customer.

My problem (please bear in mind: I am very new to Java) is mainly sorting the records.

Please can someone help me?

I have thought of reading the information from the text file, and storing it in SQL tables.

Table 1 would hold the primary keys & all the data that needs to be entered only once, and another table will hold the items registered to the owners.

How can I do this without using the SQL?
i.e. How can I do this using just that one Java programme?

Okay... scratch the SQL idea.

There won't ever be more than 50 000 records, and they would prefer if I didn't use SQL.

Still, help would be appreciated, as I am now more stuck then before :confused: