I have downloaded an editor called OceanTiger CSDesigner & it has no compiler with it. I have read the sticky posts, & I know that I could use netbeans or microsoft visual instead but I want OceanTiger because its small like Dev c++ & doesn't uses heaps of memory to run or take ages to load.

Any advice where I can download a C# compiler?

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The Official MS C#.NET compiler is not distributed as a separate entity yet. You will need to download the .NET SDK which contains a number of compilers, libaries, saples and documentation (free download). Its a cut down command-line version of the visual studio one and is quite lightweight.

I dont what version your designer requires but the SDK is avaibale for both framework 1.1 and 2.0 etc...

And yes, or mono is an answer. I had success with mono and SharpDevelop IDE.

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