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Hey all,

I made a project that will save the some personal knowledges of the members of our robotics group. So, I used database in my project, sqlserver management st... It works as well as I desired. But I have a problem now, I need to develop its setup project. I fished for how to do it but the thing I could find is just to make setup projects without database. So, I needed your help.

Thanks to the friends who are interested in to solve my problem.

Take care.

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What I do is embed the CREATE TABLE statements in the application. When it connects to a database it runs a test to see if the "SystemReg" table exists where I store system information related to database schema version SELECT OBJECT_ID('SystemReg', 'U') As Result and if the return value is null then the table doesn't exist -- so its a new database. When a new database is found it prompts them to set up the new database. If they select yes then it will create the table and populate any default information.

You will want to make sure you don't allow the database to be set up in the "master" or "tempdb" system databases. You would be surprised .. but some people pick it. You can check that with Select DB_NAME() AS DBName .

I hope that helps.

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Thanks a lot to sknake.

I guess I can solve this problem, after possibly next week. I am going to have lots of examinations next week, and following week after it.

Take care.

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