Hello everyone...

1. is there a way for me to connect to LDAP?
2. if there is...how will my connection string will be?
3. how can i make a combo box with multiple columns?

your replies and help will be a great relief. Thanks a lot.

There is a way, and I have searched google and hit a few activeX controls that claim to do it.... however, I think you may have to go down to the lowest possible level... and here is the RFC for that: http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc2251.html

The connection string.... I don't know. You'd have to read the RFC and figure it out... it seems fairly complex, however, requiring envelopes and other types of protocol standards.

A Multiple Column Combobox.... I have never seen what, but I'm sure you could use Tab spaces to make the appearance of one. I'll keep researching it... but it doesn't look promising.

I stand corrected, I just found this:

hi comatose...

its only now that i have read your reply..anyway thanks a lot for the
link. its helping me a lot now.

more power.