I have some code i've written and i need to splita string and assign the results to 2 variables type and value

The first part of the string up to the : would the type and what is after the : would be the value

When i output the variables i get NAME as the type variable but the value variable is empty. Is this becuase the temp variable has already been erased? If i take out the type erase, the value erase works but it won't do both

Would it be best to split the string on the :

string temp = "NAME: name";

std::size_t pos;
pos= temp.find(":");
if(pos != string::npos)
	int len = temp.size();
	string type= temp.erase(pos, (len-pos));
	string value = temp.erase(0, pos+2);

you want to use the substr() method, not erase(). And delete line 8 because length isn't needed (unless you want to use it somewhere else).

string type = temp.substr(0, pos);
string value = temp.substr(pos+1);
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I don ot think erase() would do the trick.. why not use strtok()?

using namespace std;
int main()
 char* temp = "NAME: name";
 char* pch;
 pch=strtok(temp," :");
 pch=strtok(NULL," :");
 return 0;

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I don ot think erase() would do the trick.. why not use strtok()?

Bad idea. strtok() will crash the program you posted because it will attempt to change the string literal.