I have a servlet that gets a parameter that tells it which operation to carry out.

in the servlet, i have if statements that check if the parameter is a certain number (1,2,3). I use getParameter to get the parameter as a string but somehow it does not go into the if statements. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

The code might help.

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This is the html input code:

<SELECT NAME="param">

<OPTION value = "2">2</OPTION>
<OPTION value = "4">4</OPTION>
<OPTION value = "6">6</OPTION>


This is the servlet:

String theparam = request.getParameter("param");
if (theparam == "2"){
out.println("The param is two");

Do not use == to compare Strings. Use Strings "equals" method.

if ("2".equals(theparam)) {

The "2" is done first as this will avoid any possible NullPointerException.