Hi all,

Im new here - so please bear with me ;)

Im pretty new to C++, although I have previous experience in C. I created a small socket app that allowed a client to connect via telnet and send some data for it to be assessed.

I have recently been developing a project in C++ that requires a basic webserver. Ive been rooting around for some resources on socket programming in C++, and have had no luck in doing so.

If possible im looking for something using the standard stuff I used in C like listen etc


I got a mini chat server working using winsock but this only works for windows.

Sorry, I forgot to mention, my target system is Linux/*NIX

Not sure how good this is or if it even works since I use windows.

This shows how to make a client and server socket app.

That one is for C, but ill give it a shot, see if there are any salvageable parts