Hi all,
first i would like to apologize if my question seems out strange or not well define, but I've never do this before.
here it is my problem: I have a txt file with a delimiters. I have a XML file that should be used to load the data, but as the target is MSSQL server and I do not not how exactly this should be done, I was just wondering if I can see if it works in let's say my browser of some other tool.

Hope s.o can help.

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Your question is a little bit unclear to me. Do you want to read that xml file and store these loaded data into ms-sql database? Please mention the technology and programming language.

Yes, I would like to use this xml file as a template for importing the text file into MSSQL (2005).

I have to do same thing.Text file to read as per template and import into Sql Server.

So can you please help me out on this.


This can be done in XSLT. Please post a SMALL sample of your text document along with what your desired output should look it. It other words, provide the input and map the input data to the output that you need. I'll be happy to figure something out.

Also what XSLT processor are you using and is it 1.0 or 2.0?

Please use codeboxes so that the whitespace is maintained correctly.

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