I would like to do windows from with would guide the user through the installation of my already done win application.

I already did the Setup Project (File > Add > New Project and select Other Project Types > Setup And Deployment > Setup Project. )
but I would like to do a window form (with the whole installation procedure), where the user can choose the path where to install this app. and if he want the shortcuts on the desktop or in the user`s programs menu.

Do I need to do a new Windows forms application, or can be build into the one I already did, or is this possible to get it somewhere - already made?

That I can simply looks something like that:
or something more professional:

These are just examples, of what I would like to do. Any Ideas?
And the most important thing, if I do this win application, how do I then point to my setup.exe file, which is needed to extract?

Normally the installation path can be choosen in a setup and deploy project. If you want to include some kind of selfbuild forms then perhaps this side will help you.


Just two things,
1. if I creat an installer on my own, then I do not need the one form vs2008, right (setup project)?
2. Installer has to be made as a self standing windows app? ( I can not do it in the appliction I alredy did)

If you create a self created installer then you don't need it. But the preferred way is to use the one from VS because you can handle a lot of things there.

What i meant with the form is to create a new assembly with a form and this can be used in the Setup & Deploy Project.