i would like that when pressing the key example "M" to call some code. Same as Ctrl+Alt+Delete and TaskManager but in my case i have process in background which maybe can be used for this?

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I know for key down events. I guess I need to use a DLL for this. Program form is not active to use keydown or any similar events that is the problem. Same as when the calls Task Manager with Ctrl+Alt+Delete.

So you would lke to have something like a key logger then?

Why do all think of some lame tools :P? Give more details then... I have application which has the function with automatic click. When press a key, then should call some code to start the process of automatic click.

Can you elaborate on automatic click ? If you think my native language is English, you are wrong, I am just trying to do my best in it.
I understand what a click is. Is it a mouse click? Or the click sound of a keyboard key, please tell me. And you have an application which does this automaticaly? Please explain...

I made a simple application that automatically simulate mouse click. I want to run a function that simulates just automatically click of the mouse by pressing a key "M". The problem is that my application is minimized to be performed automatically click mouse. Principle is the same as for TaskManager with Ctrl+Alt+Delete just what to call this part of the code and not the form.

There is a link to this article in the thread DdoubleD posted. It shows you what you need to do. It is a global hook, that will recieve the mouse/keyboard events from windows.

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