Hi I have a text file which has the following:

'username=sonia\n', 'password=password'

I want to split sonia and place it in a variable called username.

I was able to accomplish the following but could not remove the new line characters.

text = 'username=sonia\n', 'password=password'


This returns 'sonia\n'

So now how do I get rid of the \n?

What should be modified to also remove the new line '\n'?

Thanks in advance.


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If you know that there will always be a newline there, you could just splice the string that is returned.


that should work. This takes everything but the last char which is the newline.


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another way is to use the .strip() method like this:

>>> n = "sonya\n"
>>> print n

>>> a = n.strip()
>>>print a

.strip() also removes leading or trailing whitespaces

hope this helps :)

Micheal, Nice, very nice, this worked.


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