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I am new to this forum and new to learning Python. I was looking for a good book to help teach it to myself and on a recommendation purchased the book Python Programming In Context by Bradley Miller and David Ranum.

This is a good book in terms of teaching the concepts to a beginner. However, I think the "beginner" intended for this book was a student in a structured class setting, which I am not.

The book offers practice exercises throughout, but does not give the solution for them to check your answer and/or see where you went wrong.

I have tried getting my money back for this book, but the place I purchased it refused since it was past their return policy date.

My question is if any of you have this book and maybe bought a version with the exercise solutions?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I do believe that is in fact a school book. It was written to be teached in a class setting. You may be able to find a instructor's edition (with the anwsers to all the excersises, tests, ect...)

If you have some scripts that are not working or questions... You can allways post here, and someone will likley be glad to help you :)

The best way to learn any computer language is to experiment with the concepts of the language, and if you are stuck, search the manuals and ask question on a language forum like this.

I agree with vegaseat. Usually the best way to learn is from experience. The book may be structured for a classroom setting however if you try to understand each topic that it presents and use it as a reference manual it can be very helpful in helping you learn. I have found in my experience that I have learned almost nothing in the classroom and that what I learned I learned was from experience in programming. If you get stuck on anything just post the question and I am sure that someone will respond.

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