hi friends ...
i want help regarding file management in windows.

what i want to do is ,
Keep track of all files and folders created or deleted during a period of time.

for example ,
during 5 to 6 pm somebudy else is using my computer. so at that time
i want to track whatever action performed by that user reagarding files like deletion of some file or creation of some files etc.

i have done a lot googling but not ot any solution.
i also tried to get through system message queue.but still i m not getting wht i want.

any one knows how can i achieve this??
i just want to track that creation and deletion of file in database.


any one knows wht actually happen in system when user create any file or delete any file.i mean wht apis are call wht processes are called??

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From MSDN online page - FileSystemWatcher Class.

It listens to the file system change notifications and raises events when a directory, or file in a directory, changes.

thnks for ur reply ..
i m trying it right now ...

hi again ..
it working up to one layer ..
i mean if i have givenpath like "F:\"

thn its give me changes from F:\ and subdirectiesof F but not other than that ..

still its helpful for me ..
and one more que...

can i display full path which is there in address bar of my computer in the title bar of that my computer window??

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