This is what i need:

I have a php file on my website (http://example_site.com/php_file.php) ((and no, that isn't the actual site))

And i have some C++ knowledge.

Now how can i get C++ to send a variable (eg: name) to my php file.

((Client -> Server))

I have no script in C++ because what i've googled is useless and does not help.

Any links or direct help/code is well appreciated,


I believe that when it comes to bridging the gap between programming and the internet, people seem to recommend the use of activex

ActiveX™ is a technology built on the Component Object Model (COM) that allows the developer to create objects or controls that can be used to "activate" content on the World Wide Web.

The article also goes on to specificially identify the pros and cons of using c++ with activex.

Ok, i'll look into that, thanks

I wouldn't bet the farm that this will work for you (as in I don't know) but this is a popular library that is directly involved with web type traffic, works under C++ and interacts with PHP.

I don't quite understand how to use an activex control in my C++ application, If you could direct me to a link that can teach me how it would be appreciated.

**Also: I do NOT use Visual C++, i am using Dev C++ (google search it) and i do not have a GUI in my program, just console in/out**


The 'curl' api as provided by Jonsca might be more related to what you want to do.. I've just been browsing activex tutorials myself and mainly see ways to create web based controls (buttons, edit boxes etc) and have yet to see anything about affecting web pages (uploading/downloading script etc.)