I need to enter 10 students names I did a loop but it does not work well

# include <iostream>
# include <string>

using namespace std; 

//functions prototype
void avg (double& average); 
char grade(double& average);

int main()
	// String variable for the student's name
	string name; 

	double theAverage = 0; 	

	// Prompts the name of the student
	cout << "Student name: ";	

	//Reads from keyboard
	getline(cin, name); 

	// sends theAverage into the avg()	
	cout << "The average grade for " 
		 << name << " is " 
		 << theAverage << "."<<endl; 	
	cout << "And his/her grade is " << grade(theAverage) <<endl;
	return 0;

//the average calculating function
void avg (double& average)
	int grade[5];	
	double sum = 0; 
	cout << endl; 

	// The loop to get the grades and sum them 
	for (int i=0; i<5; i++)	
		cout << "Please enter grade: ";	
		cin >> grade[i];	
		sum += grade[i];	

	cout << endl; 
	// Caclulates the average after the loop ends
	average = sum / 5;

char grade(double& average)
	if (average >=90 && average <=100) 
		 return 'A';

	if (average >=80 && average <90)
		 return 'B';

	if (average >=70 && average <80)
		 return 'C';

	if (average >=60 && average <70)
		return 'D';

		return 'F';

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You could have one array[10] of strings that holds the name and another array[10] that holds the averages that come back from the function. Then just iterate to 10 with a cout that displays both name and average.

Encase the whole of main(minus your array declarations) in a for loop (or if you wanted to verify input use a while).

i tried but it does not work

it keeps giving me an error

What error is it giving you?

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