Dear forum members,

I'm working on an accounting software, which I was planing to do using C#. Now that I see there is WPF that I can use instead of WinForms, I would like to ask you a couple of questions.

  1. For an account software, which I would like to have it looking good, with dynamic graphs and "easy on eyes" with light animations (like apps on iphone, transitions etc), is C# .NET WPF a good choice? What would be your recommendations?
  2. And how can I skin the window completely? Like, iTunes working on a Windows machine. The window and the title bar is custom, but buttons for quitting the application or minimizing it still the Windows one. How can I do this with VS and C# with WPF?
  3. Once the project is complete, can I deploy it to work on a web browser? Is it possible? Because I read some stuff like this.
  4. what is it that I can do with C# and WPF that can't be done with Silverlight?

Also, dear members, do you have any favorite resource which teaches animation and design side of WPF?

Thank you very much.

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