Hi all,
I have a question here :)
Suppose I have a library in source code form (Let say mysql++) and I have built it, and now I have the files (.h, .lib, .dll). How do I combine them in project? I use code blocks

Why I ask?
Because Python Have done some damage in my thinking ;)
You just do simple stuffs and there you have the whole library to use

import sqlite3

Thanks guys & girls

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This is for SDL but the principles are more than likely the same for anything you will run across.
Scroll down about 3/4 of the way to find the heart of it dealing with the search directories for the compiler and linker.
Now that the project has all the proper search directories, include your header and it should search those paths to resolve any symbols during the link.

Good guide,
I will use it and repost (I'm away home now)

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