hellow people i am a beginner i really need help. i am a college student one of my project was all about compiler.i made a c++ tutorial but the problem i have no idea on how to put a compiler on it. do you have any idea on how to put a compiler on it? help me pls!!! tnx god bless....

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Do you mean you read a c++ tutorial (you did NOT write it), and you want to know how to compile it? What compiler do you have? Each compiler is different.


what i mean is how to put a c++ compiler in the software.... in this project we are try to make a tutorial software that has a package compiler for c++...! thank you so much people and merry xmas and happy new year.god bless more power..

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>>what i mean is how to put a c++ compiler in the software

You mean you want to package a c++ compiler with your software? Bad idea. Just make them download the compiler from the original source so that they will always get the current version. Also it may not be legal for you to do that. I know vc++ 2008 Express is quite large and its *.iso file will occupy a large part of a DVD.

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