i have a graph which i have to zoom in and zoom out dynamically. i have drew the graph in a panel.
any ideas plzzzzzz

an Idea would be to draw the graph to a bitmap. Then display the bitmap, and just modify one of those 10,000 zooming picturebox controls floating around the net.


Do not post threads with generic subjects such as "zoom" or "delay". Instead, clearly state a phrase describing the problem as the thread's title. Do not flood the forum by posting the same question more than once. http://www.daniweb.com/forums/thread239687.html .

as adatapost rightly said, you should not create multiple threads for the same issue, and the forum rules do state that titles should be descriptive.

As for the zooming issue, i gave you a link in your previous thread to bob powell's GDI+ tutorials. You can use scale and translate transformations together to zoom an image. I used the tutorials there to get a grasp on transformations when i wanted to replicate a google earth style zooming map.