Hi Guys.
I am working on my mini project(Intel 8085 Simulator)
I am faced with a huge problem
How do i store the instruction set??

What i am doing currently is i have made a structure

<Serializable()> _
    Public Structure inTab
        Dim iName As String
        Dim iLen As Integer
        Dim regPair As Boolean
        Dim addMode As String
    End Structure

I have made the structure Serializable and i made an object

Dim b As inTab

so that using a BinaryFormatter i can write it to .bin file

A sample of the inTab Object would be

b.iName = "SUB"
        b.iLen = 1
        b.regPair = False
        b.addMode = "Register"

and i have stored it to a .bin file
There are around 65 Instructions which means that there are 65 objects of type inTab in the .bin file

1st trouble
How do i find the end of the .bin file while i am reading from it
In C++ i used to do


What is the VB equivalent of this??
Am i using efficient method(This is my first month with VB!!!!!!)

Is database approach more useful?? If yes, where do i get started??

So many questions!!! I guess you people will understand

Thanks in advance

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You may need array of instructions and corresponding VB functions, not going to be easy I would say.

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