can anyone tell me that how can i check,In C++ Code, if the app i am working on is IE Or FireFox ??

I want to make a c++ programe that Once I run it's exe ... and after that when my Ctrl is on IE/FireFox my C++ file prints "Its a browser".
then let say i minimize IE/FireFox and start working on MS word .. then my Cpp does nothing....
I basically want to detect when an Internet Browser is running on my computer and my Control is on that browser...

By Ctrl/Control i mean if IE/Firefox is running on my PC but i am working on MS Word ... then my Ctrl/Control is on MS Word but when i maximize The browser and start working on it then my Ctrl is on the browser ....

Plz help with brilliant ideas and even code if possible ... someone has given me the challenge .. :(

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I imagine this would require some sort of DLL injection.. where applications would send messages back to your program about their status, specifically if they have the input focus.. window is active or minimized.

I believe the last chapter of "Advanced Windows" by Jeffrey Richter covers dll injection, reading and writing to process memory.

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