in a school project, we have the task of building an application to deal with judgments protocol for a dog show :-)

I find it difficult to determine how I should implement the business logic, and therefore need your help.

The requirements I have thoughts on the following (this is not all req but the one i need some thoughts on):

1.Each dog is evaluated by two judges, ie, 1 dog have 2 protocols that need to be sum and calculated.

2.The results must first be shown to visitors when the two protocols was calculated and approved by administrators.

I need help some thoughts on how i should build my application on the best way. I think the main difficulty I see is how to handle the compilation of two protocols. I'm not sure if I should use a method to calculate at every call, or if I should calculate once and store it in a separate table "results".

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You need two classes e.g. judge and dog and identify what all operations each of them need.


Ok, do you think i need a seperate class handeling results?


Are you thinking of somthing like this?

class ShowDog
    public float Protocol1Score{}
    public float Protocol2Score{}

    public float CalculateScore(){}

public class DogShow
    public List<ShowDog> Dogs{}
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