I need help with my Final Year Project on computer science,

Please anyone with useful information should pls asist with with topics and plane details.


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Wow, the helplessness is astounding!!!

Perhaps if we removed all those posts, the site would show up a lot less for this particular search term.

Then we can all go back to sleep whilst it becomes a SEP


please i need three project topic on compyter science

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Halting problem, Prove Goldbach's conjecture, find a sort algorithm that runs in O(n) or better

Hello friend,
I am a final year computer science student and i need a main project on computer science based on the language java.If you have,please replay me the details.


please give me a science project topic

Find a cheap way to detect explosives .

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LOL - they'd probably blow themselves up at the first test. Remember, 'people' asking for this kind of help come from the shallow end of the pool.

i also need a project topic for my final year pls help if you can

Without code , check ieee or c++ / network journals , you will good real life problems to solve.

With code , you will not be able to explain the project to your professor , so no use of submitting a project after downloading from internet.


To all people who are searching for project topics: USE THE SEARCHBOX. Do not start yet another thread about it and don't hijack someone else's thread. If you're too stupid to figure out how a site-search works, then you shouldn't be doing CS anyway.


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Fantastic - close all the "plzsuggestproject" threads and demote all the weeners that bump them - yehaaaaa!!!!
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